How to Create A Niche Forum When You Know Nothing About the Topic

Sometimes being an internet marketer means that you will stumble across niches that you know nothing about, but they still have the potential to be very profitable. This means that you can either forget about it, or you can find a way to compete in that niche.



So, how do you create content in a niche that you know nothing about?

There are three options that can make you knowledgeable in every niche.

1. Rapid Research

Taking a few days to do large amounts of research, will cause you to become very knowledgeable about any niche.

You will want to start your search at Wikipedia, before searching through blogs, and common posts. The most important aspect of rapid research is taking notes, this can also include noticing if their content can be improved upon. You can even use their content as inspiration to write something that is better, more in-depth or longer.

Then look into forums on the subject to see what questions are being asked the most. Since these questions are usually the common problem in the niche. Creating blog posts that offer solutions to these problems could be your way into the niche. To answer these common questions you will most likely have to browse many Question and Answer sites.

2. Partner With An Expert

If you are having problems coming up with content ideas, or you do not want to spend time writing about things that do not have any interest to you then you should consider finding an expert to work with.

When looking for a knowledgeable person to work with, all you have to do is find helpful people who love to write, give advice, and do not have a website of their own. There are many forums outside the internet marketing niche that have people who are passionate about your niche and are able to write for days on that topic.

You can choose to pay them to write for you, or you can come up with a partnership where they write the content and you do all the marketing. The partnership approach works well in the technical and hobby markets.

If you do not find a person on these forums, another option is to outsource the writing to a professional writer on sites like Upwork. Some of the writers there can easily understand any topic you give them and write on that topic. But sometimes the writers will lack any real substance.

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3. Buy Done For You Niche Content

In several niches, you are able to buy PLR content that is ready to use. While PLR does have a bad reputation, it all depends on where you buy it from.

The benefit of using PLR is that someone has already done all the work for you. This will save you a large amount of time since all you have to do is upload the content. You can also choose to do a quick re-write produce a more fresh content.



How to Start a Profitable Forum (Video)


When it comes to competing in an unknown niche, where technical or specialist knowledge is required, the best route is to create partnerships with knowledgeable forum posters or hobby bloggers who are not in the niche to make money.

Combining good well-written content with marketing skills will make it easy to be profitable in any type of niche.