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Canonical Software Issues

Software maintenance is essential , but external functions are the most vulnerable parts of computer programs. Essentially, no computer system is excluded from attack. This has revealed an attack on one of its databases, compromising the security of millions of users.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 15.29.18

By way of an SQL injection deficiency, the attacker entered the database through Forum Runner, which is a vBulletin add on. This vulnerability had already been repaired previously, but the revisions were not yet in place at the time.

CEO of Cononical, Jane Siber, asserted that: “Deeper investigations revealed that there was a known SQL injection vulnerability in the Forum Runner add on in the forums which had not yet been patched. The attacker had the ability to inject certain formatted SQL to the forums database on the forum’s database servers.”

Utilizing well-known software allows managers to have more time to devote to other important tasks rather than having to invest time in producing new codes. However, the easy application can prove costly since millions of individuals stand a greater chance of being impacted by a security breach.

Maintaining sound software health may appear straight forward; however, numerous problems still exist with security features. Besides the Ubuntu forums, hackers assaulted VerticalScope, which manages forums as well as chat rooms. Attackers compromised the data of millions of participants in these online forums because of the irrelevant software measures. Many feel that the Panama Papers were accessed as a result of the deficiencies in security protocols.


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